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Keel Laying Ceremony Marks Milestone for Mongla Port Authority Barge Project

Mongla Port Authority (MPA) achieved a significant milestone with the keel laying ceremony of four vessels at Radiant Shipyard Ltd (RSL) in Daudpur of Rupganj, Narayanganj. The ceremony, held on Wednesday, showcased the collaboration between MPA and RSL in constructing a self-propelled barge, a tug, a pontoon, and a dump barge.

Rear Admiral Mohammad Musa, Chairman of Mongla Port Authority, and AKM Alauddin, Managing Director of Radiant Shipyard Ltd, graced the event alongside senior officials from both organizations. This ceremony not only symbolized the synergy between the entities but also marked a significant achievement in the project titled ‘Establishment of Modern Waste and Spilled Oil Management at Mongla Port.’

This strategic project, initiated by the government, holds paramount importance in safeguarding the Mongla Port, its surrounding waterways, and the unique biodiversity of the world-renowned Sundarbans. By addressing the potential oil and waste contamination caused by foreign ships arriving at Mongla Port, this initiative contributes to the preservation of the environment and heritage. The keel laying ceremony underscores the commitment of MPA and RSL to upholding environmental sustainability and promoting responsible maritime practices.

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