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Design & Engineering

At Radiant Shipyard Limited, we're proud to host a team of experts from Radiant Marine Design and Services Limited. Our objective is clear: to deliver exceptional services in naval architecture, ship design, construction supervision, and related engineering projects. As a full-service marine structure, construction design, electrical, and planning/practicing firm, we equip ourselves with the latest tools, software, and equipment for ship designing. With Radiant Marine Design and Services Limited on board, our Design & Engineering service guarantees optimal performance and safety across ship, shore, and offshore projects.

Shipbuilding, Repair & Maintenance

Our Shipbuilding, Repair & Maintenance service encompasses the construction of new ships as well as the provision of repair and maintenance services. Our skilled workforce ensures that each vessel is built to the highest standards and maintained for peak performance. With a deep-rooted history in shipbuilding, we take pride in our ability to deliver quality ships that stand the test of time. From construction to repair and ongoing maintenance, we're dedicated to ensuring your vessels remain in top shape.

Construction & Erection

Radiant Shipyard Limited is your partner in constructing ships, shores, and offshore structures. With an unmatched level of expertise, our construction & erection service ensures the development of resilient and functional maritime and coastal infrastructure. Whether it's building ships, crafting shores, or erecting offshore structures, our skilled team is committed to excellence in every project.


Meet Radiant Dredging Limited (RDL), our dedicated team specializing in precision dredging services. With a fleet that includes an 18" Cutter Suction Dredger and a 20" Cutter Suction Dredger, we're equipped to enhance navigability in rivers, estuaries, and ports across Bangladesh. Manned by experienced professionals, our dredgers ensure safe maritime routes by maintaining water channels to optimal depths. At Radiant Shipyard Limited, our Dredging Services are synonymous with safe and efficient maritime transportation routes.