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Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

Fishing Trawler




41.68 m


9.00 m


4.80 m


3.80 m


325 DWT

Engine Power:

1360 bhp x 1


Mahim Trade Link Ltd



Year of Delivery:



CML Labiba-2, a Fishing Trawler, is a dedicated vessel built for the demanding task of harvesting the treasures of the sea. Delivered in 2014, this vessel boasts the versatile RSL-08 hull, setting the stage for a maritime champion designed for the efficient capture of marine life.

A Fishing Workhorse: Measuring 41.68 meters in length, 9.00 meters in breadth, and with a depth of 4.80 meters, CML Labiba-2 offers ample space and stability for the demanding work of fishing. With a draft of 3.80 meters, it can navigate various marine environments while having the capacity to hold a substantial catch of up to 325 tons.

Powered for Productivity: CML Labiba-2 is powered by a robust 1360 bhp engine, emphasizing its commitment to productivity and efficiency. This engine drives the vessel with precision, ensuring that the fishing operations are not only effective but also sustainable.

Mahim Trade Link Ltd’s Vision: Mahim Trade Link Ltd., the proud owner of CML Labiba-2, entrusts the vessel to uphold its vision of contributing to the seafood industry while prioritizing responsible fishing practices. The vessel’s classification under RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) underscores its adherence to rigorous safety and quality standards, reflecting the dedication of both the owner and the vessel to sustainable fishing practices.

A Pillar of the Fishing Industry: In summary, CML Labiba-2 is not just a fishing vessel; it’s a pillar of the fishing industry. Delivered in 2014, it exemplifies the partnership between Mahim Trade Link Ltd. and the maritime sector, ensuring the bountiful harvest of seafood while safeguarding marine ecosystems. Whether it’s supplying fresh seafood to markets or contributing to the livelihood of coastal communities, CML Labiba-2 stands as a symbol of precision engineering and responsible fishing practices, sailing the seas for abundant catches while preserving the delicate balance of marine life.