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Surma Bridge

Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

Double Lane Steel Truss




115.00 m

Year of Delivery:



Roads & Highways Department

Double Lane Single Span Steel Bridge (Surma Bridge)

The Surma Bridge project is a monumental undertaking in the realm of infrastructure development, poised to become a symbol of connectivity and progress in the Sunamgonj region. This project encompasses the supply and supervision during the carriage and installation of a double-lane steel truss for a highway bridge, complete with a concrete deck. Spanning an impressive 115.00 meters, this bridge is a testament to engineering excellence and the commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure over the majestic Surma River.

Gateway to Connectivity: The Surma Bridge is not just a structure; it’s a gateway to enhanced connectivity. Located over the scenic Surma River, this bridge is set to transform the region by providing a crucial transportation link for both people and goods. Its double-lane steel truss and concrete deck ensure seamless passage, reducing travel times and facilitating regional growth.

Engineering Precision and Durability: This project underscores the importance of engineering precision and durability. The double-lane steel truss, meticulously designed and installed, is built to withstand the demands of heavy traffic, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for the region’s transportation needs. The concrete deck enhances both the structural integrity and safety of the bridge.

Empowering Sunamgonj: The Surma Bridge project is not merely an infrastructure development; it’s an empowerment initiative for Sunamgonj. By simplifying access to essential services, markets, and opportunities, the bridge enhances the quality of life for local residents. Additionally, it stimulates economic growth by facilitating the movement of goods and fostering regional trade.

A Bridge to Prosperity: In conclusion, the Surma Bridge represents more than a construction project; it’s a bridge to prosperity and progress. It connects communities, unlocks opportunities, and embodies the transformative power of infrastructure development. As a symbol of engineering prowess and a commitment to regional development, the Surma Bridge stands as a testament to the enduring impact of infrastructure in shaping the future of Sunamgonj and fostering a brighter tomorrow for its residents.