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MT Omera Princess

Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

Coastal LPG Carrier




58.6 m


10.2 m


3.5 m


2.5 m



Engine Power:

500 bhp x 2


Omera Petroleum Ltd.



Year of Delivery:


MT Omera Princess

MT Omera Princess, a Coastal LPG Carrier, holds a special place in maritime history as the first designed LPG Carrier in Bangladesh. Delivered in 2014, this vessel features the innovative RSL-11 hull, marking a significant milestone in the country’s maritime industry.

A Breakthrough in LPG Transportation: Measuring 58.6 meters in length, 10.2 meters in breadth, and with a depth of 3.5 meters, MT Omera Princess was designed with precision for coastal LPG transport. With a draft of 2.5 meters, it has the versatility to navigate Bangladesh’s coastal waters while safely transporting vital liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cargo.

Propelled by Excellence: Powered by two robust 500 bhp engines, MT Omera Princess signifies a commitment to both power and reliability. These engines drive the vessel with precision and efficiency, ensuring the secure and timely delivery of essential energy resources while minimizing environmental impact.

Omera Petroleum Ltd.’s Vision: Omera Petroleum Ltd., the visionary owner of MT Omera Princess, believed in the potential of the country’s maritime industry and took a pioneering step by commissioning the vessel. The classification under RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) underlines the vessel’s adherence to stringent safety and quality standards, symbolizing the commitment to excellence.

A Maritime Trailblazer: In summary, MT Omera Princess is not just a vessel; it’s a maritime trailblazer that set the stage for the development of Bangladesh’s LPG carrier industry. Delivered in 2014, it represents the synergy between Omera Petroleum Ltd. and the maritime sector, showcasing the country’s potential in this domain. Whether it’s ensuring the energy security of coastal regions or pushing the boundaries of maritime innovation, MT Omera Princess remains a symbol of pioneering spirit and maritime excellence in Bangladesh.