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BIWTA Speedboat Pontoon

Project Details

Vesel/Job Type:

BK Barge


50 Person


50 KVA Gense



Year of Delivery:


BIWTA Speedboat Pontoon

Introducing the 2023 BK Barge:

A versatile maritime platform, the BK Barge, stands ready for multifaceted tasks. With a substantial capacity of 50 persons, it ensures both personnel and cargo can be efficiently transported. Propelled by a robust 50 KVA Genset, it guarantees uninterrupted power supply for various operations.

Owned by the DGDP, this barge showcases the commitment of the organization to maritime excellence. With a strong foundation of reliability and functionality, the BK Barge is poised to contribute significantly to a range of marine endeavors. Delivered in the year 2023, it embodies modernity, efficiency, and the potential to reshape maritime operations.