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Ferry and Pontoon for RHD

Project Details

Vesel/Job Type:

Type I Ferry


Roads & Highways Department

Year of Delivery:


Ferry and Pontoon for RHD

Presenting the “Ferry and Pontoon for RHD,” a remarkable Type I Ferry that stands as a testament to the commitment of the Roads & Highways Department. Delivered in 2019, this vessel showcases the department’s dedication to enhancing transportation infrastructure.

Designed to connect communities, the Type I Ferry serves as a vital lifeline, bridging gaps over water bodies. Owned by the Roads & Highways Department, it signifies a pledge to provide efficient and accessible transportation options.

Embarking on this ferry isn’t just a journey; it’s a promise of connectivity and progress. As it plies the waters, it echoes the vision of the Roads & Highways Department—connecting lives, fostering growth, and sailing towards a brighter future.