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D.B Radiant-1

Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

Deck Loading Barge




30.00 m


8.72 m


2.50 m


2.05 m


700 MT


Radiant Shipyard Limited


Department of Shipping (DoS)

Year of Delivery:


D.B Radiant-1

D.B RADIANT-1, with its distinctive RSL-11 hull, emerges as a maritime marvel characterized by precision and versatility. With dimensions measuring 58.6 meters in length, 10.2 meters in breadth, and a depth of 3.5 meters, this vessel boasts a draft of 2.5 meters, making it a highly adaptable and efficient asset for various maritime operations.

An Engineering Triumph: D.B RADIANT-1 stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Its design and specifications are a testament to the dedication of Radiant Shipyard Limited to crafting vessels that excel in different maritime environments. With its versatile dimensions, it is well-suited for tasks ranging from coastal transport to supporting complex maritime projects.

Precision and Efficiency: This vessel embodies precision and efficiency, showcasing the result of meticulous engineering. Whether navigating through coastal waters or supporting construction and logistics, D.B RADIANT-1 is equipped to handle diverse challenges with grace and reliability.

Radiant Shipyard Limited’s Commitment: D.B RADIANT-1 is a testament to Radiant Shipyard Limited’s commitment to delivering vessels that meet the highest industry standards. With its impeccable design and adherence to safety and quality, this vessel is a reflection of the shipyard’s dedication to excellence in shipbuilding.

A Versatile Maritime Asset: In conclusion, D.B RADIANT-1 is more than just a vessel; it’s a versatile maritime asset that symbolizes the fusion of engineering precision and maritime expertise. With its adaptability and efficiency, it plays a pivotal role in various maritime endeavors, from cargo transport to project support. As a product of Radiant Shipyard Limited, it embodies the shipyard’s legacy of excellence in crafting vessels that stand out on the seas, ready to meet the diverse needs of the maritime industry.