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MV Akijwatermark-1 and 2

Project Details

Vesel/Job Type:

Jute pallet Carrier


314 Pallet


Power: 540x2 hp, RPM: 1200


Akij Jute Mills Ltd.



Year of Delivery:


MV Akijwatermark-1 and 2

Introducing MV Akijwatermark-1 and MV Akijwatermark-2, vessels that redefine jute pallet transportation. As Jute Pallet Carriers, these ships embody the commitment of Akij Jute Mills Ltd. to modernize cargo logistics. Delivered in 2023, they stand as symbols of progress in the maritime industry.

With a combined capacity of 314 pallets, MV Akijwatermark-1 and MV Akijwatermark-2 play a pivotal role in the jute supply chain. Powered by twin engines with 540 horsepower each, operating at 1200 RPM, these vessels navigate the waters with efficiency and power.

Endorsed by DoS classification, both ships adhere to the highest safety and quality standards. They symbolize Akij Jute Mills Ltd.’s dedication to advancing traditional industries through innovative maritime solutions.

In the story of jute’s evolution, MV Akijwatermark-1 and MV Akijwatermark-2 write a new chapter, carrying the promise of sustainable cargo transport and progress for years to come.