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MT. Doreen-14

Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

Oil Tanker




65.00 m


11.00 m


4.50 m


3.30 m




550 x2HP


Chandpur Power Generations Ltd.


Bureau Veritas (BV)

Year of Delivery:


MT. Doreen-14

MT Doreen-14, an Oil Tanker, epitomizes maritime excellence and the efficient transport of liquid cargo. Delivered in 2023, this vessel features the robust RSL-101 hull, setting the stage for a maritime gem designed to ensure the safe and reliable transport of oil products.

An Efficient Cargo Carrier: Measuring 65.00 meters in length, 11.00 meters in breadth, and with a depth of 4.50 meters, MT Doreen-14 is purpose-built for the precise transportation of liquid cargo. With a draft of 3.30 meters, it is optimized to access various ports and terminals while carrying a substantial capacity of 1325 Deadweight Tons (DWT) of oil products.

Power and Reliability: MT Doreen-14 is powered by two potent 550 x 2 horsepower engines, emphasizing its commitment to both power and reliability. These engines drive the vessel with precision, ensuring the secure and timely delivery of oil products while adhering to stringent safety and environmental standards.

Chandpur Power Generations Ltd.’s Vision: Chandpur Power Generations Ltd., the proud owner of MT Doreen-14, entrusts the vessel to uphold its vision of efficiently transporting oil products to meet energy demands. The vessel’s classification under Bureau Veritas (BV) underscores its compliance with rigorous safety and quality standards, reflecting the dedication of both the owner and the vessel to operational excellence.

A Guardian of Oil Transport: In summary, MT Doreen-14 is more than just a vessel; it’s a guardian of efficient oil transport. Delivered in 2023, it exemplifies the commitment of Chandpur Power Generations Ltd. to meeting energy needs while prioritizing safety and environmental responsibility. Whether transporting crude oil or refined products, MT Doreen-14 stands as a symbol of precision engineering and reliability in the oil transportation industry, ensuring the seamless flow of vital energy resources across the seas.