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Lohalia Bridge

Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

Double Lane Steel Truss




107.25 m

Year of Delivery:



Roads & Highways Department

Double Lane Steel Truss (Lohalia Bridge)

The Lohalia Bridge project represents a pivotal endeavor in the field of infrastructure development, aiming to bridge gaps and facilitate vital connectivity within the Patuakhali District. The project, initiated during the years 2018-2019, involves the supply and installation of a double-lane steel truss for highway bridges with a concrete deck. This critical infrastructure project spans an impressive 107.25 meters, connecting points P8 and P11 over the Lohalia River in Sadar Upazila.

Critical Infrastructure for Connectivity: The Lohalia Bridge is not merely a structure; it’s a lifeline for the local communities. Its strategic location over the Lohalia River addresses a pressing need for efficient transportation and connectivity in the Patuakhali District. The double-lane steel truss, coupled with a concrete deck, ensures that vehicles and goods can traverse this key transportation route with ease, benefitting local economies and fostering regional development.

Precision Engineering and Durability: The project’s use of a double-lane steel truss and concrete deck underscores a commitment to precision engineering and long-term durability. These materials are chosen to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic and the challenges posed by the river environment. By ensuring the robustness of the bridge, the project aims to provide a reliable and sustainable transportation solution for generations to come.

Local Impact and Regional Growth: The Lohalia Bridge project is not just a piece of infrastructure; it’s a catalyst for local impact and regional growth. By facilitating easier access to markets, healthcare, education, and other essential services, the bridge empowers communities, enhances livelihoods, and fosters economic growth. It stands as a testament to the importance of infrastructure development in unlocking the full potential of a region.

Connecting Dreams and Opportunities: In conclusion, the Lohalia Bridge is more than a construction project; it’s a symbol of progress and opportunity. It connects dreams and aspirations, bringing communities closer and enabling access to new horizons. As a testament to precision engineering and a commitment to local development, the Lohalia Bridge project serves as a beacon of hope and progress, exemplifying the transformative power of infrastructure in improving lives and shaping the future of Patuakhali District.