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MV Gulf Argo

Project Details

Vessel/Job Type:

244 TEUs Container




82.98 m


15.5 m


5.5 m


4.27 m


244 TEUs


882 kw x 2


Gulf Orient Seaways Ltd



Year of Delivery:


MV Gulf Argo

MV Gulf Argo, a 244 TEUs Container Vessel, stands as a testament to maritime engineering excellence and the efficient transportation of containerized cargo. Delivered in 2017, this vessel features the versatile RSL-14 hull, setting the stage for a maritime marvel designed for the seamless movement of cargo across the seas.

A Versatile Cargo Carrier: Measuring 82.98 meters in length, 15.5 meters in breadth, and with a depth of 5.5 meters, MV Gulf Argo offers an ideal platform for containerized cargo transportation. With a draft of 4.27 meters, it provides access to a wide range of global ports, making it a versatile choice for container shipping. Its impressive capacity of 244 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) ensures that it plays a vital role in the global logistics network.

Efficiency and Power: MV Gulf Argo is powered by two robust 882 kW engines, demonstrating its commitment to both power and efficiency. These engines drive the vessel with precision and reliability, ensuring the secure and timely transportation of containerized cargo to destinations worldwide.

Gulf Orient Seaways Ltd’s Dedication: Gulf Orient Seaways Ltd., the proud owner of MV Gulf Argo, entrusts the vessel to uphold its commitment to delivering cargo safely and efficiently. The vessel’s classification under RINA (Registro Italiano Navale) underscores its adherence to rigorous safety and quality standards, reflecting the dedication of both the owner and the vessel to operational excellence.

A Key Player in Global Trade: In conclusion, MV Gulf Argo is not merely a vessel; it’s a key player in the complex world of global container shipping. Delivered in 2017, it embodies a crucial partnership between Gulf Orient Seaways Ltd and the global trade industry. Whether transporting goods for international commerce or facilitating the supply chain, MV Gulf Argo ensures that cargo moves seamlessly across the world’s oceans. With its commitment to precision engineering and cargo transport efficiency, MV Gulf Argo remains an essential link in the chain of global trade, connecting economies and markets across the seas.