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Lohalia River Bridge Inauguration: RMDSL’s Role

In a significant stride towards enhanced connectivity, Radiant Marine Design & Services Limited (RMDSL), a sister concern of Radiant Shipyard Limited (RSL), played a pivotal role in the completion of the Lohalia River Bridge in Patuakhali district.

Supply and Installation Expertise: RMDSL took charge of the Supply and Installation of a Double lane Steel Truss for Highway Bridges with a concrete deck, contributing to the finalization of a crucial span measuring 107.25 meters (located between P8 & P11). This strategic involvement proved instrumental in overcoming the obstacles posed by the Lohalia River, fostering improved road communication.

Completion of Incomplete Segment: The focus of RMDSL’s efforts was directed at completing the bridge over the Lohalia River at Sadar Upazila, addressing a long-standing challenge in the region’s road connectivity. The successful handling of the incomplete portion by RMDSL adds another feather to the cap of the entire project.

Key Contributions to Road Connectivity: The completion of this bridge not only connects three upazilas, namely Galachipa, Baufal, and Dashamia, with the district headquarters but also opens up faster transportation routes for goods and facilitates improved marketing facilities. Moreover, it significantly reduces travel time to various essential offices, including educational, medical, and industrial institutions, thereby promoting overall socio-economic development in the area.

Trade Expansion and Employment Generation: The newly established bridge is poised to accelerate trade expansion, both in terms of import and export activities. The improved infrastructure also contributes to employment generation, further fueling the wheels of socio-economic progress in Patuakhali district.

Radiant Marine Design & Services Limited’s integral role in the supply and installation of key bridge components underscores the commitment of the Radiant family to infrastructure development and the well-being of the communities they serve. The successful completion of this project stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts towards fulfilling promises and fostering progress in the region.

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